State-of-the-art entertainment

Your VR-Experience in Zurich. From AAA games to our own developments, we offer the most brilliant experiences in the VR world.

In-house development

We always develop new games for you - optimized for the technology you use.

AAA titles

Don’t have the gear for Half-Life Alyx at home? With us you can play well-known AAA VR games in highest resolution

Desired title missing?

Missing a title? Write us a short e-mail and we will see if we can add your desired game to our portfolio.

Your VR experience

ab 36
50 CHF
per person & hour
  • Safety: Thanks to our protection concept, the minimum distance can always be maintained.
  • Free choice: Try out several games during your playing time.
  • Free Roaming: Up to 100 square meters of playing space for you and your team.


We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality VR experience thanks to the latest generation of VR headsets. Come and try the Valve Index.

Zotac Backpack


Only our ZOTAC backpack PCs allow you to move completely freely inside our VR Arena – and all this without any annoying or heavy cables on your head.